Everybody’s on a journey!

Well it’s been quite a week.

I’ve written and published the first week of Daily Dose articles for Zonked Club, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who’ve read them, and for the kindness of people who’ve taken time to add their own comments and send me messages.

This week has also helped me get a better understanding of how work may fit into my life. I’m off work at the moment. Each time I’ve tried to go to the office, within an hour or two my body starts shutting down.

I did wonder how writing at home would affect me.

So far, it has really varied by the day. Generally, if I write a blog at the start of the day when I have most energy (it’s currently 6.43am here!) I have the most luck. If I write much later in the day, the typing causes my wrists and fingers to seize up, my eyesight goes foggy, and I make more spelling mistakes.

I have a dislike of the word ‘journey’ because those reality TV shows like X Factor keep talking about the contestants’ journeys. Everybody’s on a journey! That said, my own journey is endlessly fascinating. I’m learning all the time how different things affect my limited energy stores.

My plan is to write more about this as some semblance of a picture or pattern emerges.

Thank you to all those who’ve read my Daily Dose and blog posts, and have taken the time to look around the Zonked Club website. Here are some of the comments I’ve received…

Sue on my Life Hacks dose: Getting dressed and undressed is very energy draining. I only wear clothes that pull on and off, those with no zips or buttons. I am unable to do ironing so clothes are of fabrics which come out of the tumble dryer relatively crease-free. I can only wear shoes with Velcro fastenings as my feet are painful all the time and swell when I walk.

Katie on my blog post about a trip to Spain: Sometimes a change of scenery can do a world of good.

Kristy on my Pain dose: It’s so odd reading your blogs as they mirror my life so closely. I love your blog, some great advice and it’s so nice to know I am not alone.

Rita on my Guilt dose: The guilt comes from caring too much and being a reliable and responsible person. I’ve come to believe if we hadn’t given a toss and had been more selfish and put less pressure on ourselves we may never have got ME in the first place.

Rochelle on the Zonked Club site: I’m grateful you’re able to share your gift of writing with those of us who can’t express ourselves as well at the moment.

Nigel on the Zonked Club site: I have lived with ME for 35 years. Some foods should be avoided because in most patients they will exacerbate symptoms. Clinicians advise avoiding stimulants, alcohol, sweeteners, animal fats and additives. I’ve found 7Up is okay to drink. Wheat is a big no, as is milk and tap water.

Thanks again. Please keep reading, sharing and commenting.


  1. I agree with Rita’s comment on Guilt – I think you will find most ME/CFS sufferers are consummate perfectionists. I also empathise with Nigel’s comment. 42 years ago this week, 1st November 1975, was my last day in full-time work – I was just 19 years old!
    Although I could probably have coped at times with part-time flexible employment, most employers are not keen to take on anyone with health problems – particularly if those problems are denied by a significant proportion of the medical profession – and part-time jobs are scarce, with any available usually going to those with young families.
    In my experience the ONLY method that allows you to cope from day to day is pacing yourself (you HAVE to be selfish for your own well-being!), and until you have established the correct life balance for the degree of the illness which you have, life is hell!


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