A weekend, a wedding and a birthday!

You can talk the talk. But can you walk the walk?

This weekend I got to put the theory I’ve been writing in my Daily Dose blog posts into action, as my fiancé and I went to Scotland to attend a wedding.

Could I manage my energy, know when to stop before I overdid it, avoid crashing, not worry about what others thoughts, and manage to enjoy myself?

Well, on balance… yes!

It wasn’t perfect. One day we went for a gentle stroll where my body gave up and I had to sit quietly in a corner fearing I was going to pass out. There were times when the pain in my body was at ridiculous proportions. But, I also got to do the things I wanted to do.

On the Friday we travelled, I spent most of the afternoon in bed resting and dozing so that I’d have as much energy as possible for the wedding.

On Saturday, the wedding day, I had an extra sleep late morning. I was at the wedding from 2pm to 7pm before going back to the hotel and going to sleep for the night while my fiancé and friends partied on.

Previously I’d have worried about what they’d think about me disappearing early, but this time I just went with it. I knew when it was time to go, and I went. By focusing on what I could do – attending the wedding ceremony and then the meal, plus chatting with people I don’t see that often – it means my memories of the day are all happy ones.

Sunday needed to be a rest day. I was in quite a lot of pain and rather lethargic, but I really wanted to go for a stroll and get some fresh air. This proved to be a bit of a mistake as I flaked out just as we approached a coffee shop. My body was in a lot of pain, my legs were wobbly, my eyesight was blurry and I felt ‘out of it’. A long sit down and a nice cuppa gave me chance to recover enough to get a cab back to the hotel and then an afternoon sleep. We had room service for dinner. The right choice.

The Monday was my birthday. The morning consisted of a short stroll, a cup of coffee with my newspaper, and then an early afternoon tea with my fiancé and my future mother and father in law. It was wonderfully relaxed, low key, and slow. Exactly what I needed it. It meant, again, I could really enjoy spending time with them. I then slept in the afternoon before dinner, and then an early night and a decent sleep.

And that was that. Today is Tuesday. I flew home this morning. I slept for the entire flight. As I write this, this afternoon, I’ve been in some pain and I’ve crashed a couple of times and just needed to sit in silence. But, overall, I’m pleased with how I did.

Having a plan which involved rest around travel, and somebody reminding me when I was at risk of trying to do too much, was really helpful.

With Christmas coming, it was good to put some of my pacing theory to the test!

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