1. Hi Gary
    Your pain video description really hit home. The pain you described in the video is EXACTLY what I experience.
    I’ve had ME since I was 44. Now 52.
    Your strategies do work to help manage the condition
    Thanks Gary




  2. Hi Gary just watched your vlog and you mentioned that you are on pregabaline medication ,I’m on gabapentin very similar medication please be very careful and don’t miss doses or just stop this medication as it can make you feel very poorly with nasty side affects .as my husband is also on pregabaline n just stopped n was so poorly with dizziness sweats nausea headaches panic attacks too .there’s lots of info n groups on Facebook about pregabaline n gabapentin also on YouTube a lady from the USA tells her story after being on it for years n how poorly she was with these meds .Take care hope you feel better soon .I have ME Fibromyalgia phn nerve damage from shingles n other stuff


  3. Hi Gary! 🤗✨ my name is Georgie and I’ve unfortunately had severe m.e.for 7 years now. I think that you are ‘wonderful’ and what you are doing for us ME suffers is amazing! 😁✨ You are giving your precious energy to us all and for that I ( …and I know ‘every’ other ME sufferer that comes across your website will…) so THANK-YOU ✨💐✨ from the bottom of our heart’s!
    This blog is great, it’s real, from a real person and useful! I completely agree with Jan Fricker’s comment 😉✨ on…to BE CAREFUL …about ‘missing’ any of your PREGABALIN tablets! I have been taking pregabalin for 4 years now and whilst on a lower dose it didn’t seem to matter too much if I missed my evening dose but as soon as my dose went over 300 mg’s if I miss a dose I wake up an absolute mess!!! …😱✨…by this I mean that I feel as though I’ve stepped off the edge of a cliff, …and I’m still falling … and still falling…it’s a feeling as though the world is about to end…and it’s terrifying …it’s so unsettling and frightening that my husband always ends up having to take the day off work .
    So nowadays I keep my shot glass of tablets right in front of me as it’s not only terrifying for me but terrifying for our bank accounts as well!
    Try NOT to do too much Gary but ‘please’ keep up the good work I’ll be following your journey and your now a part of mine!
    Hope this is useful!
    Georgie ✨🤗✨


  4. Hi again Gary!🤗✨ I’m not sure wether your aware but a report was released on Friday that has SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that ME suffers are MEASURABLY more DISABLED than MS sufferers!😁✨ …if you look on the ME ASSOCIATION website there’s a piece on it there and a few other very interesting stories specially one on how the DWP has actively tried to make it extremely difficult for ME sufferers to be entitled to any benefits and has also tried to falsify the results of the ME tests that were carried out ( which the DWP paid for!!!??!!!?!!?!) Sorry for adding this here but I wasn’t sure how else to get this exciting news to you! Please don’t feel that you have to reply…save your energy for reading these exciting articles!
    Take good care of yourself and above all else be MINDFUL in everything that you do!
    Georgie 🤗✨


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