1. I WISH somebody would explain how things are for us to the DWP!!! I am currently trying to fight through my 7th sanction!!!!! All for missin health assessments, which I keep explaining I would never be able to constantly make 😦
    They refuse to give me a home visit. They make it so frustrating to contact them that my symptoms are just getting worse.
    People look at you and think you’re fine 😦
    Single mum with 3 kids and rubbish council support doesn’t stand a chance.
    This is truly corporate murder by the Tories.
    I can’t believe this is what we’ve become.
    All for greed and the obsession with austerity.
    My future is a wooden box because of it all & that’s a fact. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.
    My poor kids :s


    1. Thanks Carrissa and I’m really sorry to hear about this. I don’t have experience of the system so I’ve not felt able to write about it. I would suggest you contact the ME Association who, I believe, have some real expert advice and guidance. They also have a helpline if you wanted to call rather than type out a message. The details will be on their website. Sending love and best wishes.


  2. There’s a very helpful group online
    UK, ME and Chronic Illness Benefits Advice
    They’ve got lots of experience and will tell you exactly how to fill in DWP forms and how to answer the questions.


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