CBD… easy as 1 2 3

I feel like I’ve neglected this blog of late. Why? Well I’ve been trying my absolute best to not let self-inflicted obligations get the better of me.

I’ve written so much in the past about letting go of guilt and worry so I’m working even more consciously to use my valuable energy carefully.

That said I still get it wrong. I’ve begun building up a selection of freelance work since leaving full time employment. I’m doing some radio presenting, newspaper journalism and private client writing work. I’m loving the variety, but on more than one occasion I’ve hit that boom and bust cycle.

So, right now, I’m going back to basics and prioritising what really matters: looking after me.

Why then am I writing this post if I’m meant to be resting? Well, I’m in the lovely position of ‘wanting’ to write and updating rather than feeling I have to.

I don’t have masses to tell you other than one change to my routine a month or two back that’s made such a massive difference to my life: I’ve started using CBD oil.

It’s the non-hallucinogenic part of the cannabis plant. The bit without the THC stuff which gets you high.

For me, it’s reduced massively the intensity of the pain I experience. At times, the pain brought tears to my eyes and was so debilitating – made worst by being invisible so people still said things like “oh you look so well”.

It’s also reduced the number of incidences of the high pitched ringing I get in my left ear – a cue that I’m fading, and likewise with the foggy/unfocused blur that hits my vision when I’m running out of fuel.

That’s the upside.

The downside is that, to begin with, it lulled me into a false sense of security. Because I felt better than usual I started doing a little more than usual. Instead of two or three half days a week of work it would be two or three full days. Instead of planning for two days of rest after something vaguely energetic, I just ploughed on. You can probably guess the rest.

So, here I am, re-reading some of the blogs I wrote last year and reminding myself of the stuff I’d previously learned but which still hasn’t become habit.

‘Rest days’ are now back in my diary – tomorrow and the day after, since you asked! I’m not feeling guilty about saying no, or cancelling, or putting off tasks for a little longer. And that, in turn, is helping me feel more relaxed about my circumstances.

ME sucks. But being reminded of the need to focus on my self-care means it sucks a bit less!


  1. Reading this has helped me! Thank you! It is all too easy to say ‘yes’ if your character is to want to help others. I have to often remind myself that it is actually okay to say ‘no’ when you know that doing too much in a day will be detrimental to your own wellbeing … because of having to pace yourself when you live with a long term illness. I now remind myself that in order to help others we first have to look after ourselves. Sending you positive thoughts to help get you through the week x

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  2. I’ve started taking CBD oil as well and it’s really helped me too. I’ve been on a major crash since May and it’s the only thing which has helped me. What strength are you taking?

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  3. Wow Gary, (and Emma) I have just ordered some CBD oil. I have been on a major decline since January going from functioning at a reasonable level to barely functioning at all. I can’t wait for the post to come now! Will take in what you say Gary and let you know how I get on and if others post of their experiences with it will be very interested. Good luck Gary. X

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  4. Hi Gary,
    I’m so glad to hear you are looking after yourself. Keep it up.. as you know it’s all about pacing.. even on better days. I also started cbd oil (without THC) back in June & instantly felt a lot less pain, a lot more chilled, generally a lot happier & a little more energy. I did however over do it at times as i “felt I could at the time”
    That dreaded phrase – always comes back to bite you on the bum hey! I took it for about 2 & half months then came off it – just as an experiment really. During that time i went back down hill again. 2 weeks ago I started taking it again & am once again feeling the benefits. It’s amazing stuff. You do however have to be careful what else you take with it. You may already be aware but it shouldn’t be taken with anything else containing serotonin.
    I am also experimenting with a mineral supplement called RESTORE. You may want to research this. I’ve only been taking it a week & feeling so much stronger & a lot more clarity. I listened to a YouTube video by
    Zach Bush, MD “Eat Dirt! And Thrive” Full Lecture presented by Perfect Earth Project. It is an hour & a half long but you must hear it (break it up into pieces) it will open your eyes & wow you I promise!
    Take care
    Petra x

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  5. Please can anyone tell me doses or where they got CBD from. I understand the stuff in health shops is too weak? and am concerned about reputable sources/provenance. Thanks.


  6. ps – I’d love to do research as Independence is usually my nature, but the tiredness and fog at the moment make it a stupidly huge chore so I keep putting it off, hopefully you’ve saved me some time – thanks.

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  7. Hi Gary thank you for sharing about this insidious illness, my daughter has been ill for over 8 yrs and she has just started on cbd oil (blue) can I ask why you choose to take your dose of blue in the morning? She rarely sees the morning so has been taking it at night.
    Take care and be kind to yourself
    Thank you

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    1. Hi Tricia. Yes, the blue ‘switches on’ my body in the morning to help me eek more out of my day and the red turns it off at bedtime. Hope that makes sense. Sending best wishes.


      1. Thank you Gary for your response. It does make sense we will switch to when she wakes up and hopefully have a better result. She like you needs both so might have to invest in the red too.
        Many thanks again.

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